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How to pick the right belt for your suit

When selecting a belt to complement your suit, it’s essential to adhere to three fundamental principles. Firstly, ensure the colour of your belt coordinates perfectly with your shoes for a polished look. Secondly, the size of the belt plays a significant role; it should fit comfortably without being too tight or too loose. Thirdly, never compromise on quality; a high-quality belt not only lasts longer but also enhances the overall appearance of your outfit. For more detailed advice, explore our belt guide below.


It’s as simple and straightforward as matching the colour and finish of your shoes with your belt. For example, a pair of black Oxfords would look great with a black leather belt. The formal belt should match your shoes in colour, texture and leather type. So if you have a pair of brown suede loafers, they would match greatly with a suede brown belt. To be extra sharp with your details you can match hardware on your belt to the rest of your metal accessories, such as rings, tie clip, watch, etc. For a more dressed look you can go for shinier leathers; if you want to have slightly more casual suit look - opt for plainer leathers.


Leather quality is a defining factor in how long your belts will serve you. As a Swedish leather brand, we recommend picking the best quality items that are made from full grain leather. You can read more about types of leather we use here. Majority of our belts are made by artisans in Italy, so you can count on the premium quality. Good quality leather is expensive, so it's unlikely for a really cheap belt to be high quality. On the other hand, this doesn't mean that the more expensive the brand is the better quality they will be, sometimes you pay just for the name brand. At Saddler we combine both great quality and fair price, we want you to have the best craftsmanship for the best price.

Size matters

Finding the right size for your belt is crucial for your look. We developed a size guide, to make things easy for you while buying a belt. Usually belts have 5 holes (unless it is an automatic buckle ) you should aim to wear yours on the 3rd hole in the middle for a symmetrical look. The belt should always be long enough to reach the first loop on your trousers. Avoid wearing a belt that is too long and hangs loosely, it is a big no-no for formal attire. The belt width should usually match to the width of the loops on the trousers.

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