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We have a responsibility to ourselves, and to the world, to do what we can to make our products in a sustainable manner. Our ambition is to take responsibility for our entire product chain – from raw material procurement to finished product.

High quality for a long life

Our products should last a long time – that’s the basis of our outlook on sustainability. We want our bags, belts and other accessories to keep you company for many years to come and therefore always strive for top quality and modern, timeless design.

Naturally they should also be produced in a sustainable manner. We are working systematically to minimise our environmental impact on humans and nature and to ensure that everyone working with us does so under fair and decent working conditions.

At Saddler, it’s essential to take responsibility for the entire chain – from the design desk to renovating products purchased from us. That’s sustainability for us.

Want to know more?

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Product care

If you believe, as we do, in durable, conscientious craftsmanship and natural materials, there’s a lot you can do to help take care of your product. Moreover, leather becomes more attractive with age if you take care of it in the right way.


Leather possesses the remarkable property of becoming more beautiful with time. It is one of the few materials in the fashion industry for which fragrance is an essential part of the quality experience. Read more about leather and other materials we use in our products.


It’s important to our designers to ensure that your Saddler product offers long-lasting appeal. A bag, belt or any other accessory from us should be a faithful everyday companion, and to ensure this we always aim for high quality and designs with enduring appeal.

Repair shop

We want our products to last a long time. If possible, we offer to repair your product if it breaks for some reason.


Do you have a product from us that you no longer use and which you feel has served its purpose? Then you are very welcome to recycle it with us.

Manufacturing & transportation

Here at Saddler we have a responsibility to do everything we can to ensure that our products are manufactured in a sustainable way and with a long-term approach.