Trend: Studs

Timeless trend that will spice up your autumn look this season. Wheater you want to add flavor to a casual outfit with a studded belt or brighten up your business look with a studded bracelet, we've got something for all occasions. All made from genuine leather.

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Some products seem to leave the warehouse more frequently. Looks like you fancy brown belts from SDLR a bit extra at the moment, so do we.

About Saddler

Saddler designs, develops and delivers belts and bags for both its own and for others’ brands. The company was founded in 1986 and is today one of the leading accessories companies in Scandinavia. We are known for our design, quality and solid knowledge about leather. Read more


Saddler Scandinavia design, produce and sell high quality leather accessories. We create collections for external brands within the fashion industry aswell as for our own brands SDLR, RE: and Marco Parisi.